About Anthony DelleFave

Maui Marine Surveying

What is a Marine Surveyor?

A Marine surveyor (including “Yacht & Small Craft Surveyor”, “Hull & Machinery Surveyor” and/or “Cargo Surveyor”) is a person who conducts inspections, surveys or examinations of marine vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and the products on them, as well as inspects damage caused to both vessels and cargo.

Anthony V DelleFave

As a USCG Captain, avid sailor and involved employee I have developed into an industry professional for marine business.  The main aspects of my career are maintenance of vessels, crew training and customer service.  Keeping the vessel shipwright and up to the standards of the CFR’s for Coast Guard inspections was the primary focus.  Involved with coordinating dry dock itinerary’s, ordering the materials needed, and scheduling contractors/employees.  I have worked with maintenance teams servicing and repairing: engines, electrical and safety systems, rigging, wood, fiberglass hull and decks.  My marine surveyor education began formally under the apprenticeship of Jim Cross in 2009 and I started Maui Marine Surveying in 2011.  I am a current member of ACMS (Association of Certified Marine Surveyors), ABYC (American Boating and Yacht Council), and the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association).

Hawaii Marine Surveying Services

I offer marine surveying and consulting services within the State of Hawaii, residing on the Island of Maui.   If you need a marine inspection/survey, sea trial, State safety inspection, mooring service, damage survey or shipping container/cargo inspection, please give me a call at (808) 870-2293.  To learn more about my services, visit the Marine Services page.

Professional Marine Services

Put Anthony’s marine consulting expertise and experience to work on your marine project.  A proud member of the Association of Certified Marine Surveyors, the American Boat and Yacht Council, the National Marine Electronics Association and the National Fire Protection Association.

Anthony DelleFave, Maui Marine Surveyor

Code of Ethics:

“I conduct business in a professional manner, remembering that the client expects an educated, thorough, and honest appraisal of the condition of the vessel.  I avoid conflict of interest situations.  I keep informed on a continuing basis of industry standard practices.  I share new information with other marine surveyors so as to enhance, educate, and broaden the field of study.”

Anthony DelleFave

Hawaii Marine Surveyor, Maui Marine Surveying, LLC.